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About Anointed Life


Anointed Life

In 2016, Anointed Life was founded as a Limited Liability Corporation. It was later incorporated as a corporation in 2019. Matthew 6:33 is its foundational scripture “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His rightlessness and everything else will be added to you” (Christian Standard Bible), as the company is an extension of the ministry No Matter What Trust God. The company, Anointed Life Co. is headquartered in Newport News, Virginia. Our products are also marketed in other partner affiliates throughout the U.S.

Our goals are to equip, encourage, and impact lives for change. Our mission in how we do so is by providing “Clothing that Inspires” through our brand and continuous growing line of products and services. All of our apparel and gifts items have some form of an inspirational message that is unique to our brand. We believe our products are anointed and can potentially make a difference in or change lives for the better. Therefore, we take great care when engaging with our customers. Our services include custom design and printing with personalized services to meet each clients unique and individual needs to ensure quality services.

We market our brand and services because we believe strongly that we have been especially anointed for this. Come by our store, located in the heart of Newport News at City Center.