Anointed Life - Established March 2016.  

The visionary, Mr. James “Peter” Person has been designing and selling most of Anointed Life’s product line since 2001 to aid in the financial support of No Matter What Trust God Ministries, an evangelistic outreach ministry.  While Anointed Life’s product line is not new, the company itself was not formally organized and licensed until March 2016.  

The popularity and profits of Anointed Life’s product line forced its own entity and formation.  Because of Anointed Life’s business success, the scripture in Matthew 6:33 resonates greatly “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His rightlessness and everything else will be added to you.”  The business and its profits is a by-product of No Matter What Trust God ministries and its goals.  Spreading an encouraging word for people to put their trust and hope in God.

The owner, the wife of Peter, is Robbie Person, runs and operates the company - headquartered in Newport News, VA.  They have partnered together to globally extend the encouraging messages that his great product line has to offer by providing stylish Christian apparel and accessories.